Trapiz's Staff Application


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Aug 6, 2019
User name: Trapiz

Have you ever staffed an MC server before? Yes, I have. I used to be a staff member here on Wysteria. But because of personal reasons and school, I couldn't be active enough to be a member of the staff team.

How do you think you can benefit Wysteria? I think I can benefit Wysteria because:
1. I'm very active on the server, so I can manage the server a lot
2. I already have experience with being a staff member on Wysteria, so I know how the server works, what to do in certain situations and how to use the commands.

Why should we choose you over others? As I stated above, I have experience with being a staff member, on Wysteria, but staffing in general. Also, the number of hours I can put into the server will be a useful thing.

How are you with staffing commands? I'm pretty experienced with staffing commands, I have been staff on quite some servers, and was always told I knew how everything worked. And got promoted within a month of being a staff member.

How do you behave around others and can you stay calm in stressful situations? Around others, I try to stay as professional as needed, but still have a bit of spare room to have fun, and make sure other people are having fun too. I don't want to be the person to ruin all the fun.
And about stressful situations, I am good at dealing with stress. I don't experience a lot of stress. For example, even though I am in my final year of school, I haven't worried about any exams I had previously, nor about the ones that are yet to come

Age: I am currently 16 years old, I turn 17 on June 21st

TimeZone: CET timezone

Schedule: On weekdays, mostly available in evenings, but some days also in the late afternoon. Weekends I can be online for 6 hours a day, and am free a lot of the time. I have exams from December 9th till 13th.
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