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TheReelElmo - Staff application

Feb 20, 2019
User name: TheReelElmo

In game name: TheReelElmo
How old are you? 20
What Timezone do you live in? Eastern
What is your schedule? (How active will you be?) I should be able to be on everyday after 4 pm EST.

Have you ever staffed on an MC server before? Yes, I have staffed on this server before but stepped down due to not having the time for the responsibility.

How do you think you can benefit Wysteria? I make sure tasks get done when they are needed, i always try to enforce server rules when they are being broken, I am a good listener and a good problem solver.

Why should we choose you over others? cause i have already had the experience of being a staff member and know what i am getting myself into.

How are you with your staffing commands? /warn /mute etc. i can use them when necessary but not over used them/ abuse my power.

How do you behave around others and can you remain calm in a stressful situation? I pretty much act passively until provoked and then stay calm and take care of the situation in the manner needed.

Why do you want to be staff on Wysteria? I want to help the server grow because its one of my good friends and I feel like I can be "gracious" in a position of power and would like to prove this by being part of your staff.


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Sep 27, 2018
Hi, sorry for the delay in response. I will get some to look over the application as soon as possible
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