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Important Official Wysteria Rules

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✧ Management
Oct 10, 2018
| Rules |

| Minor Offences |

Player Disrespect - Harassment
Purposeful & continual bothering of another player (or staff).
1d Mute | 1d Ban | See Bullying *below*

Inappropriate Content
Chat Extremely vulgar or sexual chat messages. Minimal swearing is allowed as long as it is not direct at someone.
15m Mute | 1h Mute | 2h Mute | 1d Mute | 3d Ban | 7d Ban | 14d Ban

Chat - Spam
Three or more repetitions within five seconds. Excessive Character Spam
15m Mute | 30m Mute | 1h Mute | 2h Mute | 1d Mute

Chat - Capital Letters
Excessive use of capital letters.
15m Mute | 30m Mute | 1h Mute | 2h Mute | 1d Mute

Chat - Non-English
English only in public chat. A few words allowed if they are just for bants.
15m Mute | 30m Mute | 1h Mute | 2h Mute | 1d Ban | 3d Ban

| Major Offenses |

Major offenses require no verbal warning or /warn before punishment.

Player Disrespect - Discrimination
Any attempt at discriminating against (including but not limited to) gender, race, sexuality, etc...
1h Mute | 1d Mute | 1d Ban | 7d Ban | Permanent Ban

Suicidal Encouragement/IRL Harm
Encouraging someone to commit suicide or otherwise harm themselves, their family, or their friends. This also covers the use of acronyms or phrases that can be inferred as encouragement. (kys, etc..)
7d Ban | 14d Ban | Permanent Ban

Player Disrespect - Bullying
Severely offensive or hurtful language will result in a ban without warning.
Permanent Ban

Player Disrespect - IRL Threats
Threatening to DDOS, DOX, or hack an account. No warning required - permanent ban only (regardless of whether or not they're followed through) (Jokes are to be ignored if rationally explained)
Permanent Ban

Hacked Clients or Blacklisted Mods
Using a client or modification explicitly banned by the server. (pretty self-explanatory)
30d Ban | Permanent Ban

Abusing Commands, Glitches, and Bugs.
Please be sure to report any bugs here. This also includes the creation of lag machines and exploiting the server to give the player an unfair advantage.
7d Ban | 30d Ban | Permanent Ban

TP Killing
Trapping another player in a way that prevents them from escaping before killed.
1d Ban | 3d Ban | 7d Ban | 14d Ban | 30d Ban

Linking or sharing another server's IP address in chat. YouTube channels and Discord Invites are allowed, but please only do it in PM.
7d Ban | 30d Ban | Permanent Ban

Island Killing
Using an item on an otherwise protected island to kill an afk player.
3d Ban | 7d Ban | 30d Ban | Permanent Ban

Gaining access to another island for the purpose of stealing or removing items. Preventing island members from removing items that are theirs before they permanently leave the island. (kick or quit)
7d Ban | 30d Ban | Permanent

Deliberately destroying or stealing another player’s creations, and/or items.
3d Ban | 7d Ban | Permanent Ban

Scamming -IRL Trades
Any form of trades involving real-life currency, or scamming involving a loss of real-life currency. (includes alt accounts)
Permanent Ban

Scamming - In-game
Attempting to sell falsely named items, or trade scamming.
3d Ban | 7d Ban | 14d Ban | Permanent Ban

Ban Evading
Using an alternate account to come online when banned. Handled by an Admin+. Multiple Ban Evasions can result in an IP Ban.
Permanent Ban (Appeal the ban once any existing bans have expired)

Server Disruption (Only Management can issue)
Disrupting the server community in ways such as:
- Continuously ignoring staff orders and warnings
- Making other players angry and aggravated because of the user's actions
- Breaking numerous rules and having no intention of stopping
- Causing large-scale arguments multiple times
- Intention and action to bend rules so they cannot get punished under normal circumstance
Permanent-global IP ban

If anyone has any further questions regarding these rules don't be afraid to message staff on the forums or on Discord.
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