etrapsummy's Staff Application

Oct 6, 2019
User name: etrapsummy

Have you ever staffed an MC server before? Yes, I've been Staff On Wysteria and Sky Paradise.

How do you think you can benefit Wysteria? I can bring my can-do attitude to the Wysteria staff team, I have gained so much experience as I've almost been a year as a mod for a NSFW discord channel (that has over 15k members and growing) that is focused on the LGBT community. I feel I can bring a new spin and a fresh viewpoint into the staff team.

Why should we choose you over others? Everyone is different and can bring multiple things to the table. I'm not going to state how you should choose me because I will do this or do that. I feel you should choose me over the other applicants because I'm not afraid to say how it is, nor am I afraid to confront people if they are doing anything wrong.

How are you with staffing commands? rusty as I've not been staff in a Minecraft server for a while.

How do you behave around others and can you stay calm in stressful situations? Depends on the situation, most times I can be cool, but other times I can be a hot head and I will admit it loudly, The situation that makes me most stressful is favoritism or people getting away with anything they are doing, which they are not allowed to be doing and should be punished with what the rules state and I'm the one to bring in the law.

Age: 21

TimeZone: Australia Aest

Schedule: Free most days, but life changes so I don't know how long I can spend on the server as I have to look after myself.
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