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Aug 21, 2019
User name: 35s

Have you ever staffed an MC server before? I have staffed multiple servers in the past. I have done everything from Administrating to your basic helper/chat-mod. I have a lot of experience in the moderation level.. varies from commands, rules to basic punishments. In my time administrating I have learned a lot about the plugins, how to run the common server to your bungee hub servers and using config and console to a substantial level, although I know this is rank that needs to be worked towards is absolutely fine. But I have ran multiple servers in the past and had co-ownership of, these were prison, sky block and factions servers. So as you can imagine I have a lot of knowledge on the server essentials and a remarkable amount of experience.

How do you think you can benefit Wysteria? I think I can benefit your server because I believe that I am very flexible but sticking to the rules will be the major priority. As I said previously I have a lot of outstanding knowledge of servers, rules, chat and commands. I do not hesitate when someone is breaking the rules, i'll stop the scenario straight away and issue the appropriate punishment. I have an excellent WPM, my highest currently is 114. Which to my knowledge is a lot higher than any average player. Which means I can keep on top of chat, issue warnings where due. Not only this but I believe I can bring an exemplary community together, I have a positive attitude toward pretty much everything, although something might be annoying, I wont let it affect my work and the server.

Why should we choose you over others? I think that you should choose me over others because of the many different skills that I withhold, with having 6+ years of experience on the game and in servers, it's been one hell of a journey and I have picked up a lot of skills and strengths along the way, These vary from; Intelligent, diligent and Optimistic. I consider my greatest strength to be my innovative ideas and open mind. ~Although It might seem that I have more strengths then weakness's here is one: I can be quite proud at times, and do not like to admit I'm wrong, though if the necessity calls I will, somewhat grudgingly. I can also be impulsive, and act on my instinct. Now as said before, I will not let it get in the way of my work as best I can.

How are you with staffing commands? As spoken about before in the previous paragraphs, I am very good with staff commands, I have been on multiple different servers where the plugins have been different and they have varied. But if you just have the defaults then I will be absolutely fine, If not then I'm sure I will adapt and learn as love to do.

How do you behave around others and can you stay calm in stressful situations? I have a positive mentality and attitude towards others and everyone around me so I can handle and play with others very well. I can stay calm in stressful in very busy situations. this may not bring any relevance to you but just a personal situation, I do work outside of playing mine craft and I work in a busy restaurant called Toby as a Team leader 6 days of the week, which is a busy environment pretty much 7 days a week. I believe this just builds confidence and your mentality over time and this is why I believe that I can handle any situation thrown at me.

Age: 19

TimeZone: UTC

Schedule: Monday- Friday Anywhere from 10AM-3PM Then 12AM-3AM
Saturday- 3PM-12PM
Sundays- 9PM-3AM
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