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  1. WysteriaMC

    Change is coming to Vanilla.

    It has only been a short while since vanilla released, but we are planning a little change in the coming days. Stay tuned for updates!
  2. WysteriaMC

    Approved/Disapproved Mods List

    Allowed Mods Any Coordinate Mod Armor Status HUD Badlion Client Blinker Mod Chunk Loader Console Client Coordinate Mods Cosmic Client Damage Indicators Direction HUD FPS Mod (Not the Ghost Client) F3 + B (Shows entity boxes) Hyperium Client In-Game Account Switcher Just Enough Items (JEI)...
  3. WysteriaMC

    Official Server Rules

    Below are the rules for playing on WysteriaMC Please read thoroughly! NO Player Disrespect – Harassment – Purposeful & continual bothering of another player (or staff). NO Inappropriate Content – Chat – Extremely vulgar or sexual chat messages. LIMIT Character Spam Three or more...
  4. WysteriaMC

    We Back!

    Ah yeah, we back bois (and girls)!! :eek: Round up your crew, get them off of the ForkKnife and back into MC. This season is gonna be the best yet. Weekly giveaways, Top Voter Prizes, Is Top Rewards, and loads of free content. We are currently in an open Beta and need ppl like you to come...
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