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  1. ViperousMite

    ViperousMite // Mike // Flak

    They look like a lot of fun to have.
  2. ViperousMite


    Thank you for sharing so much about you :)
  3. ViperousMite

    ViperousMite // Mike // Flak

    Hello, I'm ViperousMite. People also call me Mike or Flak. I got the name Mike from people thinking my name is ViperousMike not ViperousMite. I am currently 15 years old and will be turning 16 in October. Some games I like to play are Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs 2, and Apex Legends...
  4. ViperousMite

    Which is your favorite GKit

    Potato gkit is the best
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